Archeer AH45 – Bluetooth Headphones and Loud-Speaker

Archeer AH45

Have you ever been to a party and wanted to play your music? Or play your home video, but there was so much noise nobody could hear it even if you set the volume to maximum? And have you had a loudspeaker with you? No? But what if I tell you, that you could have the loudspeaker with you anytime you have your headphones? You are now saying that you already tried that many times – to connect your headphones and set the volume to maximum. You also know that this sound is even worse than the sound from today’s smartphones. ‘So what are you talking about, Martin?’ I’m talking about Archeer AH45 – 2 in 1 – the Bluetooth headphones and loudspeaker.


Let’s start with the package. I’ve ordered these headphones from Amazon. It was smooth and easy, as usual. The package came in few days and I was really surprised. I’ve never heard of Archeer company, so I wasn’t expecting much. But I really liked what I saw.

Archeer AH45 Box

The box is solid and well built. You could see there are some grazes, but nothing happened to the headphones or anything that was inside. Once I opened the box, I was surprised again.

Archeer AH45 in the box

Everything was nicely put in a foam.

The Archeer AH45 package contains:

  • Folded headphones/loudspeaker Archeer AH45
  • Micro USB – USB charging cable
  • AUX cable
  • Manual

When I removed and unfolded the headphones for the first time, I could see, that one of the ear foam is firmly pressed (see below). But after few days that the earphones were unfolded, the foam returned to the correct position.

Archeer AH45 foam


The Archeer AH45 headphones surprised me with the quality of the construction within this price range. The headphones look more expensive than actually are.

The right ear contains these controls and ports:

  • Mode Switch with LED indicator – blue LED light is on if the loudspeaker mode is selected (please read more in battery)
  • LED indicator – to show if the headphones/speaker is switched on
  • Volume buttons – serve also for selecting the next/previous song
  • Mini USB charging port
  • 3.5 mm line-in port (the AUX cable can be found in the package)
  • Microphone

My feeling of these headphones is really positive. It sits well on my head and isolates the noise from outside. The only bad thing about it is the weight of these headphones, which is 316g. This is given by the fact it also contains two speakers, but I’m not sure if I could use this for a longer time.

Archeer AH45 Weight


Even though the manual says, that you need to charge the headphones before first use, it came fully charged.

During my testing, I found one construction mistake – the headphones/speakers switch. The problem is, that if you set the switch to the speakers’ position, the speakers are turned on even if the headphones are turned off (with the s power on/off button). I found it accidentally when I turned the speakers off and the light next to the switch was still shining. You can also hear a sound if the headphones are turned off and you change the switch position. I also tried to let it turned off with the switch in the speakers’ position and after few days, the battery was empty. So please be careful when you use the speakers to switch it to headphones after you turn it off. Pitty.

Sound quality

I need to split this part into two sections – sound quality of the headphones and sound quality of the loudspeakers.

Sound Quality of the Headphones

The quality of the headphones is excellent. The basses are very good and the highs are not so high. It sounds great even when the volume is quite high. The isolation of the external noise is at a very high level which makes the quality of the playback even better. I wasn’t able to hear my wife talking to me when I had these headphones on. The worse side of this feature is that your ears will get sweat after some time. First, I was afraid, that it won’t be comfortable to wear these headphones on my head due to its weight. But after a long time of using I can say, it is not a problem at all.

archeer ah45 headphones

Sound Quality of the Loudspeakers

First I have to say, that both loudspeakers play the sound – as a stereo. Maybe the producer could make only one loudspeaker play and which could reduce the weight little bit, but on the other hand, it might be weird if one earpiece is heavier than the other.

To be honest – the sound is good. But that’s all. There are no bases and the sound is quite flat. I made a comparison with my standalone cheap Bluetooth loudspeaker and I have to say it was better than these Archeer AH45. It is good when you don’t have any other choice, but if you do, you will use something else. On the other hand – it is better than your smartphone or headphones playing very loud. I already made a video where you can hear the difference. I will paste it here shortly.


The microphone is great. I tried to call my wife and she could hear me very clearly without any noise.


I bought these headphones/loudspeakers Archeer AH45 from Amazon just from curiosity and you know what? I’m satisfied. The sound quality of the headphones is just great for this price range. On top of it you can use its loudspeakers that are also good.

check price of AH45

So if you use the headphones frequently and from time to time you need also loudspeakers, you should really buy these headphones. I can imagine if you go to a party – you can use it as headphones while you go there and also as loudspeakers when you are there. To be honest – I also have a Bluetooth loudspeaker at home, but it happened to me many times that I didn’t have it with me when I needed it. If I would have had these headphones/speakers with me, I could have been a superstar.