Elephone P9000 Edge and its QHD Frameless Screen

Elephone has already shown us earlier images of the smartphone and has even confirmed part of its features, such as screen, processor and memory. However, the display is one of the key elements of the model since lack of framework. Now a new gallery shows in more detail the effect will cause the screen without bezels Elephone P9000 Edge, trade name under which the smartphone will debut later this year.

While Samsung is striving to impose the concept of the curved screen in the market for high-end smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy featured on the Edge S7, other firms struggle to shape smartphones whose screen has no frames. A design strategy that triggers a double effect on the user, since the aesthetic part is added functional. The Elephone Edge P9000 be placed as the model that best leverage this concept for its prominent 2K 5.7-inch screen.

Elephone P9000 Edge evolving

As already indicated, is not the first reference with which we on the Elephone P9000 Edge. In fact, the way of proceeding with this model manufacturer has been somewhat puzzling since the beginning, since it was introduced last February. However, since then the brand has been echoed by various changes, possibly in order to adapt the model to new market circumstances. Only then modifying the technical part is justified.nosepiece with Elephone screen P9000 Edge

S7 Elephone images designed the image and likeness of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Regarding the design, we have had the opportunity to see some of the images of this Elephone P9000 Edge. However, the pictures that appear today reveal a greater level of detail how the screen will look like the model. And it is that as the core of the new features, the P9000 Edge Elephone be provided with a stunning display without frames. The truth is that there is a novelty in itself since the same brand a few weeks ago put on the table its Elephone S3, frameless screen as well.

Elephone R9, R9 oppo clone based on the design of the iPhone 6s

However, in the case of Elephone P9000 Edge, the performance and the size of the display screen concept will without further imposing frame. Thus, the user perceives a sophisticated, aesthetic appeal, but also is achieved a more compact phablet manufacture, despite the size of the screen. And the saving screen frame that involves subtracting the width of the housing few precious millimeters ergonomics that facilitate and improve the user experience team.Digitiser including the Elephone P9000 Edge

Comparison of screen between the Elephone S3 and iPhone 6/6 Plus. Who will win?
The images published do not allow us to see the overall design of Elephone P9000 Edge, but by their degree of zoom allow us to see more graphic detail how the display is presented without bezels. Similarly, the publication highlights the type of panel that will include the phablet a JDI display with In Cell technology that foster the development of a thin panel (which also leads to the possibility of making a slimmer smartphone. In addition to digitizer chip, the Synaptics brand, the front of the Elephone P9000 Edge reveals that the team will include a physical Home button in which a fingerprint sensor will be included.