KZ ZS6 Reviews: Superb Headphones With Four Converters And Removable Cable

Good quality headphones are never enough, and so in today’s review, we look at the KZ ZS6 headphones. There are several trumps on the table. These are four-pole plugs and a detachable cable that can be replaced by a Bluetooth module. In addition, they offer less than a thousand crowns. Is it really an unrivaled purchase or is it somewhere a hook?

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Do not expect anything in the package

The fact that the manufacturer tried to squeeze the price of the headphones as much as possible from the packaging itself. A small, inconspicuous box inside is hiding only the most necessary. In addition to the headphones and the 3.5mm jack cable, which connects to them via a classic 0.75mm “fork”, there was a short manual inside and just 3 pairs of silicone plugs. It is a shame that the manufacturer did not prefer the foam extensions, but later on. The Bluetooth module is then sold separately and along with it, the manufacturer will only supply a short micro USB charging cable.

kz zs6 packaging

High-quality metal processing

The earliest KZ ZS6 headphones take a first look at the design. First of all, the headphones are metallic, but in our case, combined with larger dimensions and sharp features, a little distrust. So we were pleasantly surprised when the headphones fit well into our ears and did not push us in any use or otherwise weaken our listening structure. But a little we got used to placing the cable. He puts the headphones in the ear upward, leading first around his ear and then back down. For better gripping behind the ear, use a fixed buckle for the last few centimeters of cable that you can make so that the cable is as comfortable as possible behind your ear.

With Jack or Without?

In fact, we used our classic cable with a 3.5mm jack connector very quickly, and this solution is quite good for us. Worse, however, was the replacement of a classic, 1.2m long, Bluetooth cable. First of all, the module itself is relatively large and weighing about 16 grams is also heavy. This, however, can be partly justified as a tax on the construction of headphones with a removable cable. However, the comfort of using a headset with a wireless module is not greatly assisted by the relatively small length of the cable on which the module is located, especially considering that the cable must first wrap around the ear. The Bluetooth module was always around the neck when moving.

kz zs6 in ear

The constant travel of the module is also due to the fact that during the telephoning, the other party will not be hearing at all for a while. But even if you hold the module with the microphone, the call quality is not at a particularly high level. Subjectively, we have come up with a better quality call with a standard cable that comes standard with headphones. And not only because of the better microphone position without having to hold it at your mouth. It is a pity that the classic cable will offer only one button on the microphone, so you will not be able to control the volume of the music being played with it.

KS ZS6 headphones specifications

As already mentioned above, headphones can be connected not only through a 3.5mm jack connector, but also purchased via a wireless module. He connects to the phone via Bluetooth 4.2 and what is very important is the AptX codec support. He uses an advanced compression method, so even though Bluetooth still does not “sputter” audio in lossless quality, its drop in quality is noticeably lower than that of an older and more advanced SBC codec. We have complained, for example, in the review of Samsung Gear IconX 2018 sports wireless earplugs. The Bluetooth module’s life was slightly above 4 hours on a single charge when listening to music at approximately mid-level.

cable length: 55 cm with the Bluetooth module, 1.2 m with 3.5 mm jack connector
weight: 25 g
Sensitivity : 105 dB
Connectivity: 3.5mm, Bluetooth 4.2 with AptX
Impedance: 15 ohms
Power consumption : 10 mW
frequency range : 7 – 40,000 Hz
drive diameter: 8 mm
microphone: yes

Sound Quality

One of the biggest attraction of the KZ ZS6 headphones is their four-translate design. Each body of each handset contained two dynamic drives of 10 and 6 mm and two pressure transducers. Such an assembly often boasts headphones whose price is more than five times the price tested by the KS ZS6. This set, then, as expected, positively translated into the resulting quality of reproduction.

kz zs6 technology

Foam extensions as a necessity

However, when evaluating the sound of the KZ ZS6 headphones, we will not start their positives, but negatives. That’s just one thing. And in some situations, it’s a potent pussy, which makes listening to be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, this is definitely not an insoluble problem. First of all, you need to give your headphones a long enough time to play – in our case several nights. The second tip of how to ensure the highest possible quality of listening is to complain about the silicone extensions only in the box at the beginning of our review. By replacing them with high-quality foam extensions, the sound quality gets even higher. Overall, the impression of listening to this price level is great. The headphones provide clear reminiscent of heights and centers. For example, if you have a classical music experience, you will definitely appreciate how each instrument sounds and its sound is not blended together. For more sophisticated music, then you will appreciate dense, yet very accurate bass, but with the specter, the rest of the spectrum perfectly complements and does not exaggerate, as most of the affordable headphones have in common in order to satisfy the most common listeners.


The KZ ZS6 headphones are a great surprise for us. Such a detailed and pure sound production would not really be expected from the relatively unknown headphones from China. Twice this is true if we take into account the price. Headphones can currently be purchased from Amazon Under $50 USD.

Concluding with the KZ ZS6 headphones, we add the last of their advantages and universal versatility. They will not be lost when playing virtually any genre. They are especially appreciated by fans of the classics, listening to every instrument on the recording. However, they will not lose their listening to rock and metal where precise and powerful basses will be added to pure heights and centers, which can be found in pop and electronic music as well. Bottom line – after removing the unpleasant sykes by purchasing the foam extensions, it will find the playing headphones much more difficult, if not impossible, at a similar price. The disconnectable cable is then just (very nice) the icing on the cake.


+ price
+ detailed sound
+ massive and precise bass
+ detachable cable
+ AptX support for Bluetooth module
+ surprisingly comfortable


– lack of increased resistance to sweat and dust
– need to buy foam extensions
– larger Bluetooth module

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