Android messages will switch to dark mode

android messages

Google has introduced and launched several chat applications in recent years. Eventually, however, he returned to Android News, which wants to rebuild iMessage with RSC support. The web client has recently launched, an update is now going to allow Android Messaging to switch to dark mode.

Android messages will be able to switch users to dark mode

The latest updates to Android News will bring one much-needed feature that Google has long postponed. The application will switch to dark mode. This is the likely first step towards overall design change. The application should correspond to Material Design 2.0.

The dark look is not yet officially available, but the XDA people have managed to download the new update. The color of the application turns into a lot of dark gray, it is not entirely black, so the OLED displays of this dark mode will not be used. In addition to the dark background, the buttons are more prominent to give a better contrast against the dark background. The official release of the update is expected in the coming weeks.