Morul/Mifo U5 Plus – IPX7 Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones


I bought these wireless Bluetooth waterproof headphones Morul U5 Plus (also called Mifo U5 Plus) a few weeks ago on Amazon, and I would like to tell you how satisfied am I. But not only me – you can read a lot of great customers’ reviews directly on Amazon.

Maybe you are confused about the name – is it Morul U5 Plus or Mifo U5 Plus? It doesn’t matter – the manufacturer is the same, but it’s being sold under a different name.


I was searching for these kinds of headphones for a while. I found many of them, but I decided to order these. One of the reasons was that the battery is not part of the remote, but it is in the earphones itself. This means the remote is not too heavy to restrain.

Once I had removed it from the packing, I was impressed. It looks really great. It doesn’t look cheap at all. It is greatly built with no gaps. This is also why it is certified as IPX7 waterproof headphones.

It came equipped with three pairs of buds. I’ve tested them all, and I found I have different size of ears, so I have now one smallest and one biggest bud. You can choose and test yours. It’s interesting that I have a different size in my left ear and different in the right ear 🙂

Having used for some days now, I might say they are probably the comfiest in-ear earphones I’ve ever had the pleasure to put on. Genuinely the only sensation I’ve whereas carrying them is often feeling the wire shifting on my ear once I transfer aside from that no fatigue, no pain and no soreness and so forth…


Personally, I had no issues conserving them in a while strolling, sitting, running, bending, crouching and even some non-vigorous head movement, not once having either fallout and also come unfastened during use.

What I like about these headphones is that it contains little magnets. This means that you can put it together around your neck when you are not using it. It is really handy, and it also looks like jewelry 🙂


Firstly, for music, which is well one of the best characteristics of these waterproof headphones. The basses are loud and the mid-high level is accurate. The sound quality is really great.

And now for some testing with cellphone calls. The speakers are crystal clear when calling. High quality was faultless with no static or crackling nor anything else detrimental that my ears might detect.

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My first check was to call my wife on her iPhone whereas I was indoors. I was sat roughly 2m in the entrance of my TV with the audio system facing me and the volume set to be heard clearly within the next room and with the control box containing the mic of the headphones resting on my right collarbone. There was nothing to hear aside from my voice. I then held the mic up about 2” from my mouth and began speaking, this time I sounded normal like I was calling from my landline.


There is no such thing as a mains charger included only a USB Type A Male; USB Type B Micro Male cable, which is a standard cell phone charger cable. As soon as the earphones are paired to turn them on or off you solely want to hold the MFB for three seconds. There’s gentle on the earphones, however, is at best hard to see, there may be nevertheless an audio notification as soon as they’re switched on and off, that is nonetheless in the Chinese language.

The charging port is on the left earpiece behind a small rubber grommet which is making them waterproof. Given that the battery is nonpersonally replaceable I’d strongly advise that you just let the headphones run out before charging. Most customers should expect to get three+ years use from them. Personally, I’ve only ever used them for at most three intervals of around 1 hour every per day listening to music in addition to taking a number of quick calls, switching off when not in use and charging on the finish of every day. Charging never took longer than an hour on a USB 2.0 PC port.


Connecting with Bluetooth was easy both on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and Asus Notebook. The earphones will then present up on the Bluetooth units listing in your telephone or tablet as “U5”. Simply choose the headphones on the list and within a few seconds present as connected.

The manual noted that you might have to enter a password to attach them to your machine; I didn’t have to do that to connect my pair. To make sure your headphones are safe, it isn’t tough to add a pin should you wish to do so.

The range is standard with similar earphones tested, around 5m at home and 9m outside with no walls.



  • Morul U5 wireless earphones
  • USB charger cable
  • 3 pairs of ear rubbers (1 pair of small, medium and large)
  • English instruction guide


Earphones for the music fanatic that doesn’t wish to be tied down with wires and desires the comfort of being able to use them additionally for calls, they’re nevertheless not for the enterprise sort that wants a pair of earphones for making calls and listening to the odd little bit of music.

The Morul U5 earphones are very nicely made with high-quality components with some excellent little touches that add to the premium feel of the earphones. The microphone is a bit average, however, the audio quality of calls is great, where they shine however is with music.

Click here to buy Morul U5 Plus headphones directly from Amazon.

EDITED: The earphones I bought came with the Chinese language of all commands. You can find how to switch it to English in this post.